Ever wonder how our products became so good?!  

It's because we listen to feedback from regular customers like you!!  

A lot of time and effort goes into our products until they become the best they can be... and this is one of those steps. By joining this group, you will actually become a part of helping build the RNF Supply brand!

...so what happens after you are approved to be a tester?

When new products are ready to hit the market, we will contact you and provide a test unit usually for FREE! (sometimes it may cost 2-3 bux) After you're done using it, let us know your honest feedback on how it performed.. and that's all!

If there is anything major that sticks out to us after reading all of your feedback, we go back, improve the product, and do it all over again.

Applications are only open for people with Amazon.com(USA) accounts and only a very limited amount of spots are available, so sign-up before we close this down!

...and did I mention? SIGN-UP IS FREE!!!

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